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Écrit par avocats pour avocats, par sa nature JUSTE. est une extension de la communauté de l’ABO.  Apprendrez comment vos pairs traitent des défis communs; lisez des luttes et des accomplissements de vos icônes légales favorites et entendez ce que d'autres avocats doivent dire de l'état de choses dans la profession légale.   Cette section est tout de l'apprentissage, le partage et l'échange, l'avocat à l'avocat.

collage of buzzwords like crowdsourcing, police, cooperate, media and vigilante

Wisdom of the Crowd

  • 01 août 2013
  • James Morton

Crowdsourcing is a fairly new buzzword in the media these days, with thousands of citizens forming online communities to get involved in prominent investigations such as the recent Boston bombings, the 2011 Vancouver hockey riots and the tragic cyberbullying cases of Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons. In the criminal justice system, however, the crowdsourcing concept is not as new as some may think.

Man and woman walking down hallway in front of Gowlings

Open Doors: A Peek into Ontario Law Firms

  • 01 avril 2013

Five firms, varying in size, location and specialty, open their doors to share with us their unique working culture, and how that culture is intertwined with the strength of their local community.

Man trapped within a box

An Untenable Situation

  • 01 février 2013
  • Anthony Marchetti

What happens when your duty to the client conflicts with your duty to the court?

man in a suit standing on a rock in middle of lake, waves crashing around him

Tides of Change in Legal Employment

  • 01 février 2013
  • Gloria Song

Employment patterns have changed drastically in the legal industry and nowhere is it more apparent than on the resumes of new lawyers.