business man in front of fall trees and tall builds call excitedly across the street

SPILL: Don’t you love the law in the fall?

  • September 06, 2022

coloured pencils in a jar with a ribbon around it, like a bouquetWith the arrival of September, as well as the energy, excitement and, occasionally, anxiety that back-to-the-books season brings (and inspired in part by Meg Ryan’s exclamation in You’ve Got Mail, “Don’t you love New York in the fall? – it makes me wanna buy school supplies”), we asked members to sharpen their pencils, turn their eyes to the front, and share with us what they love — or look forward to — most about the law in the fall.


As Good as it Gets

“I never felt the “Sunday dread” when it came to back to school. In fact, I’ve always enjoyed the back-to-school season immensely. I feel the same about our profession when fall comes around – I can almost feel the world of new possibilities. CPD and networking events and opportunities for learning are scheduled after a quiet summer. Fall is one of my favourite seasons simply for reinvigorated opportunities to learn, network, connect and grow!”

Barbara De Dios, Canadian Dental Services, Women Lawyers Forum Executive


“I find in litigation that everything slows down in the summer, and it’s always exciting to get back into the busy nature of things in fall.”

Dan Fridmar, Fridmar Professional Corporation, Construction and Infrastructure Law Section Executive

Higher Learning

“In the fall, I look forward to learning about new legal developments and reconnecting with colleagues at various professional continuing education events.” 

Laura Pettigrew, Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario, Public Sector Lawyers Section Executive 

The Game

“Networking golf rounds in the fall season: nothing beats an increased fall workload like fall colours on a golf course.”

Ian Amirthanathan, Ian Andrew Law, Privacy and Access to Information Law Section Executive

Good Will Hunting

“I look forward to new challenges in the fall, as sometimes there is a new committee to join. The annual estate summit organized by the Law Society of Ontario also provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues. Professionally, after the summer, clients often have renewed interest in estate planning, possibly motivated by their recent discussions at the cottage. And I like the cooler weather!”

Jonathan Morse, BMO Wealth Planning, Elder Law Section


“The renewed sense of energy in the air, and the chance to reconnect with colleagues and hear about their travels over the summer.” 

Bianca Thomas, BMO Financial Group, OBA Board Toronto Representative

Now and Then

"I love the sense of renewal that, for me, someone who grew up in the country far from friends, was always and remains connected with the start of the school year. In addition to the thrill of sending my kids back, the first day of school always gives me an opportunity for a happy memory. The first year I did not return to school in September — my articling year — I said to my principal, Bonnie Tough, with a full dose of Irish melancholy, 'it’s the first day of school.' She said 'Betsy, I know it and in 25 years you will still know it.' Twenty-five years later I do still know it and am still grateful to add to the energy of a fresh start a chance to remember Bonnie and the lessons on integrity and great advocacy she taught me."

Elizabeth Hall, OBA Executive Director 

You’ve Got Mail

“Less autoreplies and vacation alert notices."

 Christine Roth, Roth Law Offices, OBA Board Central East Representative