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SOGIC at 25: Marking a Major Milestone in LGBTTIQ2S Advocacy

  • December 05, 2019
  • Teddy Weinstein

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Section of the OBA (SOGIC) is celebrating 25 years at the forefront of LGBTTIQ2S advocacy in Canada. Founded December 1, 1994, on World AIDS Day, SOGIC is one of the longest standing equality groups within the CBA/OBA and has since expanded to include chapters and representatives in every Canadian province.

Some of SOGIC's work has been in the entrenchment of LGBTTIQ2S rights in Canadian human rights legislation and jurisprudence, as well as raising the profile LGBTTIQ2S issues on the world stage. More recently, SOGIC has been focused on building strong networks and relationships with LGBTTIQ2S law students, such as with Start Proud (formerly Out On Bay Street). We have also organized Pride receptions with the Law Society of Ontario with record-setting attendance, and annually assemble large groups to march in the Toronto Pride Parade every year since WorldPride 2014.

Looking forward to 2020, there is still a lot of work to be done. In the past year, SOGIC members and contributors have been leading the fight for queer and trans-inclusive sex-ed in Ontario. In Alberta, we are seeing the rollback of important protections for LGBTTIQ2S youth. Across Canada, queer and trans people continue to suffer disproportionately from homelessness, incarceration, interpersonal and police violence. For our anniversary year, SOGIC will be writing several pieces in the coming months with retrospectives on the group's founding and work, featuring interviews with former executive members. 

In the meantime, to explore some of the issues that SOGIC has been active in over recent years, visit our Articles page.