woman listening to music while working from home

SPILL: One thing you do differently when working from home

  • February 26, 2023

With many of us now successfully splitting our time between remote and in-office arrangements, we wanted to find out what modifications to routine members enjoy when operating away from the workplace fray, so we asked them to tell us one thing they do differently on the days they work from home to take advantage of a more flexible schedule.

A morning workout and most important meal of the day

“When working from home to take advantage of a more flexible schedule, it is nice to get a workout in the morning to stay active and get energized for the day. As most of us working from home are sitting in on meetings and working on our laptops and two-screen monitors, movement is critical for our health. Additionally, the work-from-home day is a great opportunity to make a delicious breakfast, have a cup of coffee and catch up on daily news/ Bloomberg Businessweek!” - Paula Poniatowska, section editor, CCCA – Ontario Section

A chance to see the kids off … and home again

“On the days I work from home, then I am usually a part of drop off and pick up of the kids, which is great because I feel like I can bookend their school day with feedback and  updates on how their day went more immediately.  I still get ready for the day, and am ready for a virtual meeting for the day, but do not have to worry about packing lunch to take with me.” - Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi, newsletter editor, Insurance Law Section

“When I work from home, I enjoy having time to go for a walk with the dog and walk with my kids to school in the morning.” – Jennifer Zdriluk, Central South Region representative, OBA Board

Guilt-free friend time

"As I continue to work in a hybrid fashion, I enjoy the flexibility working at home gives me. If a friend wants to have a coffee and a chat after our morning workout, I am able to manage it guilt-free and still get to work on time." – Laura Pettigrew, newsletter editor, Child and Youth Law Section

Breaks for the body, brain and soul

"Here are the things I enjoy about being at home:

  1. More time to spend with my husband and get a few more pecks in each day or just a hug or two (good for the soul);
  2. Extra time to walk and work out in the mornings that I religiously do every day (good for my brain);
  3. Sadly, more time to binge watch TV (bad for my brain but I offset with #2 above !)." - Lisa Laredo, newsletter editor, Sole, Small Firm and General Practice Section

A neighbourhood stroll and head start on dinner

“On days that I work from home I enjoy an afternoon walk around the neighborhood with my wife and four-month old and get a head start with meal prep for dinner!” – Mitch Koczerginski, newsletter editor, Privacy Law Section

"At home, I am more involved with meal prep for our three hungry monsters, oh hmmmm, I mean boys ... snacks when they get home, dinner prep. My spouse does not like cooking, whereas I enjoy it." - Jonathan Morse, newsletter editor, Elder Law Section

An early start and uninterrupted workflow

“Working from home, I find I take fewer breaks. It’s up to work with the rise of the sun and down with work at dusk. Time flies differently when you don’t have people around you, and one of the (dis)advantages of working from home (at least for me) is that I’m much more efficient and productive.” - Dan Fridmar, newsletter editor, Construction Law Section

A satisfying soundtrack

“A unique part of my work-from-home routine is to have music playing in the background while I work. A good playlist can make all the difference when going through e-mails.” - Crystal Heidari, newsletter editor, Family Law Section

A comfortable posture and temperature control

“I sit cross-legged. I can do this at home since I don’t have to worry about shoes or wrinkling my office attire, and it is more comfortable for me to sit that way. Also: At home, I relish the ability to control the temperature or even work with a blanket on a cold day!” - Katie Butler, newsletter editor, Municipal Law Section

A routine (and balance!) that remains intact whether at-home or in-office

“I work during the day in a house that is 2.4km from the house I live in. I bring my dog to work. I tell people my dog is in charge of lunch. He knows when lunch time is and he makes sure I and everyone else who works here stops for lunch every day. I think I have the ideal situation which is to work in building that was once a house a family lived in and then I go home to a house I live in with my family.  There is nothing I do differently here – not in terms of schedule, wardrobe or otherwise - from what I did when my office was in my home except to leave the house I live in to go to a different space to do my work.” - Kathleen Robichaud, East Region representative, OBA Board

“I’ve tried my best not to change anything, including my wardrobe. Wearing different clothes separates ‘work time’ from ‘non-work time’ and serves as a physical reminder at the end of the day that I need to transition to non-work time.” - Adil Abdulla, newsletter editor, Class Actions Law Section, Civil Litigation Section