Score Some Free PR with the OBA this Summer

  • August 09, 2016

Here are four ways the OBA can help members build their personal brand, for free:

Get published

Whether it’s an academic paper, a case summary, a brief listicle or an op-ed, writing is an excellent way increase your online profile. Maintain a blog, write for other blogs, or submit content to local newspapers, magazines, newsletters and journals. Members of the Ontario Bar Association are welcome to upload articles to any of its 39 practice-specific newsletters or to submit a proposal to JUST. magazine.

Speak at a CPD program

Lead discussions and exchange ideas with your peers as a speaker at a continuing professional development program. As the leading provider of legal professional development in Canada, the OBA hosts more than 150 CPD programs per year, covering a wide range of topics. Contact us to learn how you can become involved.

Sign up for the OBA Find-a-Lawyer directory

A strong web presence is imperative, particularly if you want to catch the attention of potential clients. Ensure they can find you by signing up for the OBA Find-a-Lawyer Directory, a public directory with free listings for all OBA members. Searchable by name, region, firm, area of practice or language, the OBA brand is a trusted, reliable source for members of the public.

It’s easy, convenient and free for OBA members. Set up your profile here.

Join the OBA Speakers Bureau

Connect with potential clients and establish yourself as subject expert within your local community by joining the OBA Speakers Bureau. The OBA is continually establishing relationships with groups across the province, facilitating excellent networking and business development opportunities for members. Sign up for the Speakers Bureau today.

These are just some of the many ways the OBA can help you to boost your profile, and as well-known lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye puts it, "The best PR for a lawyer is simply doing good work. Of course you can magnify the effect of this using other tools, but at its core it's really about helping people."


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