young adults - one man, one woman - in business attire in office pumping fists and grinning in excitement

SPILL: What excites you about your area of practice?

  • June 13, 2024

With Call to the Bar ceremonies taking place across the province this month, and a new cohort of legal change-makers carving out career paths, what better time to pull back the curtain to expose the possibilities – the intrigue and enrichment – found in some of the law’s most dynamic legal specialties and settings?

We asked members: What’s one thing that keeps you excited about, or engaged in, your area of practice?

Insurance litigation: people and subject-matter intrigue

“My practice is in insurance litigation, and what keeps me intrigued about my practice is twofold:

  1. The people I meet in litigation and learning about their background and history – I am a people person and observer and I enjoy understanding what brought someone to the point of litigation.
  2. The new areas I learn about; I have learned about garlic farming, pharmacy practices, the operations of a seasonal campsites, the operations of manufacturing plants, remediation after an oil spill – you name it.  And it is all fascinating because it keeps me learning and interested in the work I do.” - Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi, Pallett Valo LLP

Class actions: always evolving

“One thing that keeps me excited about class actions is that it is a relatively new procedure, so it is still in development and subject to significant change.” - Ethan Z. Schiff,  Bennett Jones LLP

Sole practice: clients with stories to tell

“I stay engaged because every client I meet has a story to tell, and I think listening makes the world a better place. I like how the law is evolving for the elderly and incapacity remains a hot topic. I think the work I do and the value I bring to my clients keeps me excited to practice and  to try and make a difference.” - Lisa Laredo, Laredo Law Professional Corporation

Disability law: making a meaningful difference

“One thing that keeps me engaged in the practice of disability law is the challenge of navigating complex legal issues that often arise in the lives of ordinary people, along with the opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and make a meaningful difference.” - Tracey L. Hamilton, Beneva

Human rights: advancing access to justice

“Access 2 Justice! Working at the Human Rights Services at TMU, I am able to provide  education, consultation as well as free and confidential complaint resolution services in relation to discrimination to students, many of whom are racialized and face significant cost barriers to such services." - Tamara Sylvester, Toronto Metropolitan University

Commercial litigation: manoeuvring through moments of crisis

“I've been a commercial litigator for just over 4-1/2 years now and my job still keeps me excited and engaged on a regular basis. As a litigator, you're often dealing with clients in moments of crisis when they're most in need of advice and advocacy. Taking on that responsibility can be a rewarding role to play in our system." - Alexander Evangelista, Foglers

Acting on behalf of vulnerable Canadians

“I am a class action lawyer with the privilege of advancing constitutional, human rights, consumer, and antitrust claims before courts around the country on behalf of Canadians in vulnerable positions. One of the things that keep me motivated about what I do is often acting for individuals who have never had a lawyer before and could not have afforded a lawyer to vindicate their rights.” - Mohsen Seddigh, Sotos Class Actions