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  • 01 août 2015

Did you know that as a member of the OBA, you have access to many benefits and resources that will assist you in connecting with clients, improving your practice, furthering your career and promoting your business?

All of these benefits are available to you at no additional cost.  Log on to with your membership number to access them at your convenience.

All of these benefits are available to you at no additional cost. Log on to with your membership number to access them at your convenience.

Find-a-Lawyer Directory

Connect with potential clients by opting-in to this complimentary directory. Members of the public can easily search for a local lawyer via the interactive Find-a-Lawyer directory, which allows for searches based on name, firm, location, area of practice and/or language spoken.

Visit and follow the instructions to sign up for this valuable service. If you’d like to customize your listing or add a photo, visit our Membership section in the top horizontal menu of our home page.

Complimentary Programming

OBA Section members have free access to archived videos and program materials from the Sections to which they belong. Log on to your section page and visit the ‘Resources’ area to access the directory of programs.

Legislative and Policy Updates

Our weekly legislative and policy updates keeps members informed about key provincial policy and public affairs matters. Learn what’s happening in debate, in committee and which bills are coming up. These engaging, easy-to-follow summaries are as enjoyable as they are informative.

Access legislative and policy updates by vesting the ‘Policy & Public Affairs’ menu on


Researching a case? Writing a paper or presentation? The OBA publishes hundreds of practice-specific articles per year, covering everything from case law to court updates, legal software, industry news and more. Written by lawyers and judges with extensive practice experience and legal knowledge, articles are a great way to stay informed about your specific areas of practice.

Get your name out there and build up your CV by publishing an article of your own. Editors are always seeking new content.

Recent articles are open to all members, however archived content is an exclusive benefit of OBA Section membership. View articles by clicking the “Recent Articles” link on the right side of your Section page. Upload an article by signing in and clicking the “Submit an Article” button.

Career Centre

The OBA Career Centre is your one-stop source for legal career development. Each month, dozens of positions are posted to our job board from top firms and recruiters in Ontario and beyond. Positions are specifically for lawyers and can be sorted by geography and area of practice.

Looking to hire? Job postings are free for all OBA members. Check it out at


Matching mentors and mentees is one of our specialties and an important aspect of continuing the tradition within the legal profession. It’s also a great opportunity for both parties to earn up to 6 (professional and substantive) credits for participating.

By linking young lawyers with experienced ones, the OBA Mentorship Program provides those new to the profession with guidance and practice tips to help them launch a successful career in law and become engaged in their local legal community.

Become an OBA mentor or mentee via, under ‘Professional Development’ on the menu bar.

‘Why I Went to Law School’ Campaign

The OBA thinks it’s time people get to know lawyers in a different way. Looking back to one’s individual reasons for choosing law school provides our members an opportunity to express, in very personal terms, their motivations, and to reflect on their ideals.

Many have creatively found ways to showcase their stories to friends, family, peers, and clients. Here are some ways you can do the same:

  • Share your stories via social media
  • Print and mount them in your office
  • Attach to your curriculum vitae
  • Link to it on your firm website bio
  • Include it with client packages

Navigate to Why I Went to Law School through’s Legal Community menu, or visit it directly at

Member Savings

OBA members save with special discounts to anything from insurance products, financial management, office supplies, vehicles, courier service, hotel stays, optical, mobile wireless, attraction tickets and more.

Check out the Member Savings Guide under the ‘Membership’ portion of the OBA website.

Want to know more or require assistance? Call us at 416-869-1047 / 1-800-668-8900 or email OBA staff are here for you!

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