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New Additions to OBA Foundation Justice Video Library

  • May 16, 2018
  • Anton Katz

The OBA Foundation’s mission is to promote legal education and advance innovative research with the goal of improving the justice system. Established in 1987 (under its previous name ALERT), the Foundation funds many worthwhile projects aligned with its mission. Key ongoing projects include the OBA Foundation Award, the OBA Foundation Chief Justice of Ontario Fellowships, the Widdifield Award, the Wolfe Goodman Award and the OBA Foundation Award.

Another ongoing project is the “Justice Video Library”, consisting of videos designed to educate the public on different areas of law. These videos were produced with funding by the Foundation, and the participation of OBA volunteers from various Sections. They can be viewed on YouTube and on the Foundation’s webpage (www.oba.org/OBAFoundation/Our-Work/cJustice-Video-Library).

Recently, the Foundation added four titles to its Justice Video Library: (1) Spousal Support / Division of Net Family Property; (2) Consequences of Bankruptcy for the Bankrupt and Creditors; (3) Your Rights Upon Termination of Your Employment; and (4) The Importance of a Real Estate Lawyer in Your Transaction. These videos, soon to be posted to the Foundation webpage and YouTube, will add to the following titles: Small Claims Court, Key Considerations for Separation Agreements, Preparing a Will and Power of Attorney and Understanding Human Rights in Ontario.

Thanks to Foundation Trustees Anton Katz and Janice Quigg for their leadership on this project, and to Jon Clancy and Rachel Winer at OBA for their assistance in the production of these titles.

We encourage you to publicize these videos within your local communities and to your clients.

Plans are also being made for another round of videos to be produced in the coming year. If you have ideas for topics for videos providing public legal education, please contact Anton Katz at anton@amklaw.ca.

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