man with fingers in ears blocking our noise

Through the Noise: Immigration in Canada Today

  • February 27, 2020
  • Rebecca Bromwich

With pervasive misconceptions about our immigration system too often giving rise to discrimination, lawyers are instrumental in discerning and giving voice to the truth.

Lady shaking a man's hand

How Law Firms Can Support the Development of a New Lawyer

  • February 27, 2020
  • Paulette Pommells

Could you be dampening the enthusiasm of your keen and capable recent hires? Paulette Pommells presents five sure-fire ways to drive away promising talent and the countermeasures that will kindle their desire to learn, contribute, and perform to their highest potential.

Chris Ellis and Paul Saguil with SOGIC logo

SOGIC at 25: Reflections from two former chairs

  • February 27, 2020
  • Teddy Weinstein

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community (SOGIC) is celebrating 25 years at the forefront of LGBTTIQ2S advocacy in Canada. Founded during World AIDS Day, 1994, SOGIC now has chapters and representatives in every Canadian Province. In the first in a series of articles featuring retrospectives of the group’s founding and work, former SOGIC Ontario Branch (OBA) chairs, Chris Ellis and Paul Saguil reflect on their involvement.

New Rules

Simplified Procedure: A positive change

  • February 27, 2020
  • Afsana Gibson-Chowdhury

Perspectives from a British personal injury lawyer on the benefits the new rules for civil litigators may bring to the administration of justice in Ontario.

Colin Stevenson

President's Message: Fulfilling our promise and potential amidst change in the profession

  • February 27, 2020
  • Colin Stevenson

The old Irish witticism, “youth is wasted on the young,” clearly arises from the perceived wisdom of tired elders and perhaps their jealousy of opportunities available only to the young. If you are looking for good reason to be jealous of or, better still, be inspired by the new generation of up-and-comers, you just have to attend any OBA Student or Young Lawyers Division event.

Jennifer Roggemann

An Incredible Cascade

  • February 27, 2020
  • Emily Sinkins

Shortly after immigrating to Canada from South Korea as a teenager, Jennifer Roggemann had an encounter with our justice system that opened her eyes to the impact someone with her particular background, academic drive and desire to help could have on the lives of other newcomers.

Woman with a question mark on forehead

Can You Ask Someone Where They Are From? A Black Female Lawyer’s Perspective

  • February 27, 2020
  • Ludmilla Jarda

“Where are you from?” Have you been asked this question before? If so, who asked you? Was it someone you just met? Was it at a networking event, a client meeting, a job interview, or something along those lines? Did the person who asked you the question look anything like you? If this line of questioning does not make any sense to you, you should definitely keep reading.

Two black women holding blue Black Future Lawyer bags

Black Future Lawyers: Breaking Barriers

  • February 27, 2020
  • Michael Speers

A new U of T program takes aim at the underrepresentation of Black lawyers in the profession by providing a pipeline for promising Black students to achieve their potential as legal leaders of tomorrow.

Audrey Ramsay

Nourishing Hope in the Fight Against Slavery

  • December 05, 2019

Committed to the mission to end human trafficking, lawyer and volunteer Audrey Ramsay sheds light on the devastating extent of this crisis, what’s being done to combat it, and why there is cause for optimism.