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To Wit: Up to My Sash in Annoyance

  • 01 octobre 2012
  • The Hon. Justice Joseph W. Quinn

Up to My Sash in Annoyance – Justice Quinn highlights “Dump Truck Advocacy” in the courtroom.

Eugene Meehan

Highlights from the Supreme Court of Canada

  • 01 octobre 2012
  • Eugene Meehan, Q.C.

ere’s a super-tight summary of all appeals and all leaves to appeal. For leaves I’ve specifically added in both the date the SCC granted leave and the date of the CA judgment.

Morris Chochla

Un message du président

  • 01 octobre 2012
  • Morris Chochla

Fraîchement frappées en tant que président, Morris Chochla discute une «communauté d’avocats, pour les avocats.»

Hilary Linton

When Knowing is Half the Battle

  • 01 octobre 2012
  • Hilary Linton

The legal profession has come a long way in screening for intimate partner violence. We now have the right questions, but where are the answers?