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Morris Chochla

President's Message

  • 01 février 2013
  • Morris Chochla

Civil rights, a healthy environment, eliminating poverty, intelligent debate and lawyers working for their communities --Five Good Ideas.

Man trapped within a box

An Untenable Situation

  • 01 février 2013
  • Anthony Marchetti

What happens when your duty to the client conflicts with your duty to the court?

man in a suit standing on a rock in middle of lake, waves crashing around him

Tides of Change in Legal Employment

  • 01 février 2013
  • Gloria Song

Employment patterns have changed drastically in the legal industry and nowhere is it more apparent than on the resumes of new lawyers.

Eugene Meehan

Highlights from the Supreme Court of Canada

  • 01 décembre 2012
  • Eugene Meehan, Q.C.

ere’s a super-tight summary of all appeals and all leaves to appeal. For leaves I’ve specifically added in both the date the SCC granted leave and the date of the CA judgment.