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Rainbow colored lawyer's robe

Our Pledge to One Another

  • 01 août 2014
  • Janet Epp Buckingham and Douglas Judson

Freedom of religion or discrimination? Opposing sides duke it out in the pages of JUST.

Just Causes

JUST Causes

  • 01 avril 2014
  • David Sterns

L’ABO a l’œil sur les délais dans le système de justice civile

Causes <em>JUSTE</em>

Causes JUSTE

  • 01 avril 2014

Les avocats dans l’Assemblée législative

Andreas Kalogiannides

What Would You Have Done Differently?

  • 01 avril 2014
  • Andreas Kalogiannides

Some of Ontario's most celebrated lawyers, Nathalie des Rosiers, Laurie Pawlitza, Frank Iacobucci and Eugene Meehan, tell us what they would have done differently.