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Joanna Birenbaum and Barbara Collier

Serving Clients with Speech and Language Disabilities

  • 01 janvier 2015
  • Joanna Birenbaum and Barbara Collier

Until recently, there has been no accessible formal communications support for people with speech language disabilities, making it very difficult to access legal services.

A wave pattern on black background

How Legal is Your Music Playlist?

  • 01 janvier 2015
  • Andreas Kalogiannides

Intellectual property and entertainment lawyer Andreas Kalogiannides reviews the good, the bad and the ugly in the music streaming universe.

shadowy figure looking at a signpost with directions in four ways

Big Law Blues

  • 01 janvier 2015
  • Lee Akazaki

Looking back at Ontario practice over the last 30 years - where do new lawyers go from here?

Woman blindfolded standing on the edge of the top of a building

Stage de droit sans reperesè

  • 01 janvier 2015
  • Jeremy Martin

Notes, stages, embauches... et puis quoi encore? Quoi faire pour régler la crise d'identié des stages?

Just Causes

Causes JUSTE

  • 01 novembre 2014

Un aperç des récents efforts de défense des intésrêts de l'ABO pour Carrigan v. Carrigan Estate, admissibilité â l'aide juridique, responsabilité solidaire et conjointe.