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Ransomware Attack Readiness in the Public Sector

  • August 31, 2023
  • James Kosa and Natalie Bravo

With cybercrime on the rise and its perpetrators increasingly savvy and difficult to catch, organizations must take a multi-pronged approach to protecting themselves. For public-sector entities, the threat of ransomware attacks, a cybercrime that can create considerable harm, not only demands constant vigilance but poses unique considerations in terms of prevention and response.

photo of OBA Career Accelerator participants, standing in OBA member lounge in front of TV screen with Career Accelerator logo

Igniting the Influence of Indigenous and Racialized Lawyers at the Forefront of Practice

  • August 30, 2023
  • Emily Sinkins

Legal leaders on the rise reveal how the OBA Career Accelerator Program, an innovative initiative designed to advance the participation of Black, Indigenous and racialized early- and mid-career lawyers in emerging areas of law, has provided them with the specialized training and unparalleled support to forge new paths and ascend to roles of impact on the cutting edge of the profession.

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SPILL: Advice for your new-to-law-school self

  • August 30, 2023
  • Young Lawyers Division Executive Members

As we enter September, we asked members of our Young Lawyers Division Executive to reflect back to their earliest days of legal learning to find out, with the benefit of hindsight, what they might say to their ‘new-to-law-school’ selves to more nimbly navigate the challenges or make the most of the experience.

photo of Neha Chugh

Neha Chugh: Addressing bias against trans communities one juror at a time!

  • August 30, 2023
  • Tamara J. Sylvester (one/they/them)

In this case comment with a twist, the author discusses the Ontario Superior Court's decision R v K.P. to grant an application to challenge prospective jurors for cause on the ground of transphobia and includes insights from Neha Chugh, the Ontario lawyer who argued the application, resulting in the first opportunity for the lower courts to test the Supreme Court's obiter comments in R v Chouhan regarding the efficacy of the recently enacted challenge for cause mechanism in the criminal code.

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Good Legal Writing: What’s the Point?

  • August 30, 2023
  • Shelley Appleby-Ostroff

For more than 20 years, point-first writing has been touted as one of the most powerful legal writing techniques. But, what does it really mean to write point first – and why should you do it?

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OBA Sets its Sights on Tackling the Backlog and Meaningful Reform of the Civil Justice System

  • August 30, 2023
  • Michael Speers

In the face of mounting challenges exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the OBA continues to demonstrate its commitment to improve justice and work to ensure more accessible legal proceedings for Ontarians. Lawyers from across the province have united under the leadership of the OBA, exploring innovative solutions to address the short-term backlog in the courts and spearheading efforts for meaningful long-term civil justice reform.

an older man and woman couple meet with an estate lawyer at a desk as she shows them information on a tablet

The Benefits of Using a Life Care Plan Report in Estate Planning and Litigations

  • August 30, 2023
  • Sponsored article by Galit Liffshiz MA OT Reg.(Ont), certified life care planner/designated capacity assessor

When advising clients whose families include special needs beneficiaries on establishing a Will or getting insurance coverage, there may be obligations to make special considerations, such as homecare services requirements, in which cases life care planners can be a good addition to the team of advisors.

head-shot photo of OBA President Kelly McDermott

President's Message: A fresh outlook on lawyer community

  • August 28, 2023
  • Kelly McDermott

It occurs to me there are some lessons we would do well to revisit even well into our legal careers. It’s easy to become so busy – once we’ve established ourselves in practice, advanced in our field, assumed a rapidly expanding roster of clients, cases or responsibilities – that we find ourselves operating on auto-pilot and losing sight of some questions fundamental to our success and satisfaction.

gloved lab tech picks up frozen embryo sample with tweezers

What Happens to Embryos on Separation?

  • June 07, 2023
  • Emma Katz and Kate Deveau

Assisted reproductive technologies have been revolutionary for people and families facing infertility issues, and for single people and queer families wanting to achieve a pregnancy and have children. Read about what happens with frozen embryos with a separation.