A Way to Inspire Interest in the Justice System

  • February 14, 2017
  • David Sterns

David SternsIt is hard to believe I am more than half-way through my term as OBA President. Over the past six months, some of you will have read my previous JUST messages, seen media stories, or have heard me speak at external speaking engagements about using my time as OBA president to bring greater attention to the OBA’s advocacy efforts, particularly when it comes to modernizing Ontario’s courts.

I continue to pursue these efforts, but am also careful not to lose sight of all the other vast and important work that the OBA and its members are undertaking every day. From this month’s highly impressive OBA Institute program to individual Sections’ leadership activities, OBA members go to great efforts to advance and promote the profession.

One upcoming program that is particularly commendable – and that is entirely volunteer driven – is OBA Law Day. This spring, lawyers from all years of call and practice areas will participate in this exceptional program by bringing law practice to life in schools across the province. As a way to celebrate Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Law Day aims to educate the public about the role and importance of the law and Canadian justice system.

Already, more than 400 OBA members from across all eight judicial regions have volunteered to visit their local schools and participate in mock trials for elementary and secondary school students. These are fun, lively events for everyone involved and are an excellent example of the kind of volunteer work OBA members participate in as a way to promote the profession, give back to their communities, and inspire a passion for the next generation of lawyers.

Law Day is about building an interest in law and advocacy. As a lawyer who has found tremendous value in my volunteer work with the OBA, culminating this year in my service as the OBA President, I can attest to how getting involved can lead to great career rewards and gratification.

I hope everyone reading this will take the time to find a way to get involved in a cause. And while the OBA provides plenty of opportunities to do so, right now I can think of no better way to start than to inspire and influence the future leaders of our profession by participating in Law Day.


For more information about Law Day, including how to register as a volunteer, visit www.oba.org/lawday.

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