Shaping Young Minds with Law Day

  • December 07, 2017

Students dressed in Robes for Law DayThe Ontario Bar Association annually hosts a school-based program called Law Day — a national event celebrating the signing of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Law Day aims to educate and inform the public about the role and importance of the law and the Canadian justice system. Last year, more than 500 OBA members volunteered as coaches and judges for our elementary and secondary school mock trials.

There are so many great reasons to get involved with this annual program. We asked OBA member Ella Aiaseh of Hummingbird Lawyers LLP why she will be participating again in the 2018 Law Day program.


Why do you volunteer for Law Day?

I am always looking for ways to get involved in community programs, and Law Day presented the perfect opportunity. It combines two things that I am passionate about: the law and education.


Why do you think Law Day is important?

I never thought that I wanted to be a litigation lawyer until I participated in my first mock trial as a student. After experiencing the rush of presenting a well-formed argument and interacting with the panel of judges, I found my calling and I have never looked back.


How do you benefit from Law Day?

For me, it’s all about meeting incredible individuals and learning from them. Whether it is the students, the teachers and organizers, or the volunteer lawyers, I find that Law Day brings together a wonderful group of professionals and excited students, who ignite and feed dynamic, educational conversations.


What are you hoping to achieve this year?

This year, I am hoping to recognize and encourage a hidden legal talent. This can happen through a side conversation, the mock trial process itself, or answering the questions of an inquisitive mind. Whichever way it happens, it will be a privilege to be part of the originating spark that leads a young mind to discover his or her passion and calling in life.

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