The Just Guide to Gowning

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The JUST. Guide to Gowning

  • December 02, 2015
  • Jeremy Martin and Andrea Sanche

Your Guide to Embarrassment-Free Gowning

For many of us, the gown is a one-time affair, strapped on haphazardly with the assistance of equally befuddled classmates at the Call to the Bar ceremony.

For barristers, though, the gown is a literal weight on our shoulders when taking a client’s cause before a judge. It is the only companion that will be with us in each and every major challenge in our careers. It is a symbolic link in the unbroken chain of legal tradition and precedent spanning back to the very origins of the common law and the development of the rights we cherish as a people and a society.

It is also just weird as hell, and no one ever tells you what all the doohickeys are for. 

Thus, for the benefit of new and occasional barristers nationwide, JUST. presents a comprehensive guide to not embarrassing yourself in court regalia.

About the Authors

Jeremy Martin, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP.
Andrea Sanche, Ricketts, Harris LLP.

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