The Canadian Bar Associations New Fee Structure is All About Choice

  • October 01, 2012

On August 11, 2012, The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) National Council approved a new member ship fee structure. Based on extensive member consultation, it provides a variety of fee options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

We have adopted a philosophy of choice, value and engagement for our members, replacing the former "one-size-fits-all" approach based on year of call with membership now tailored for your needs - whether you're in private practice, part of a firm of any size, are an in-house counsel or a member of the judiciary.

Here is an overview of the new structure:

Individual Lawyers (Starting September 2013 )

The model proposes three tiers that offer differing level s of Professional Development and Section participation. Members will benefit from notable savings compared to purchasing these CBA services separately. With each tier, higher levels of engagement are al so rewarded with increasing member preferential pricing on CB A products, services and activities. Sole practitioners, public sector lawyers, in-house counsel, and small firms (up to 49 lawyers) will all be able to benefit from these new savings and advantages. Tiered offerings may vary depending on province or territory.

Lawyers in Alternate Situations (Starting September 2012 )

  • Two new membership categories have been created for lawyers whose law society offers such status designations:
    • Part-time lawyers - those who are not working the full work week or are slowing their practice down
    • Non-practising lawyers-working in the private sector for businesses and corporations
  • And several existing categories that offer significantly reduced membership fees were maintained:
    • Offerings for students, articling students, scholars, associate members (non-residents), and retired
    • Student fees ranging from $0 to $20 (as determined by jurisdictions) will not change

New Lawyers (Starting September 2013 )

  • The "Young Lawyers" category has been renamed "New Lawyers", and updated to more accurately reflect the current demographic entering practice.
  • New Lawyers will receive a 60% discount off the regular base fee, for each of the first three consecutive years following their call to the bar.

Groups (Starting September 2012 )

  • The new structure recognizes large firms and law departments:
    • > 100 + lawyers
    • > 55 - 99 lawyers
  • Three new options are available for firms based on level of CBA commitment.

Please contact your CBA Branch, or your CBA national member services team or 1-800-267 -8860 if you have any questions.

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