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  • June 01, 2012
  • Catherine Brennan

Catherine BrennanWelcome to Just.

I am excited to share with you the first issue of the Ontario Bar Association’s new official magazine.

Just. is Ontario law, illuminated. It is the voice of the association and its members, shedding light on industry developments and providing a wide range of new perspectives on legal news in Ontario.

Our previous magazine, Briefly Speaking, began 33 years ago as a simple plain-typed newsletter. In August 2006 we proudly (perhaps shyly) debuted its first issue as a magazine. From that point on, there was no going back.

In our 2011 reader survey, we asked for your feedback and you gave it in spades. It was obvious – you are evolving, so too must we. Briefly Speaking no longer represented today’s Ontario lawyer; we had work to do.

Just. talks to its readers as people, not just lawyers, and we get that there’s more to the profession than the billable hour. We aim to provide a good balance of industry and lifestyle content, offering a constant source for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

As Editor, I feel honoured to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of dedicated lawyers across the province as we collectively develop and grow a publication for our peers.

With the guidance of our fantastic and diverse editorial board, the brilliantly colourful minds at Espresso Group Inc. and the talent of our contributing writers, I am confident that Just. is a law magazine you’ll actually want to read.

Catherine Brennan

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