OBA'S Institute 2018 Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Personalize your experience at OBA’s Institute by selecting from over 30 CPD programs and special events created by leading experts and specialists. Current, practical and dynamic programming is available to you.

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8:30 am to 10:30 am


The Rise of High-Stakes Global Class Actions: Critical Updates to Help You Protect Your Clients

The globalization of class actions proceedings is generating complex questions with serious consequences for your clients. Join our stellar faculty to explore how courts are dealing with global class actions proceedings and to discuss the impact of recent decisions with significant international law dimensions. 


Decisional Capacity: A Cross-Disciplinary Examination

The capacity of older clients to make decisions transcends many practice areas. Join our expert faculty to explore how capacity impacts your practice, from your client’s ability to instruct counsel to specific applications in corporate, criminal and family law.


Everything Pensions and Benefits Lawyers Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Pensions and benefits law is a hybrid area of practice. Join our stellar faculty to canvass the intersection of pensions and benefits law with recent critical developments in other related areas of law such as labour and employment, tax, business and family law, as well as actuarial practice.


New and Emerging Privacy Developments You Need to Know

Join our outstanding faculty to unpack some of the most compelling current issues in privacy law, including commercial contracting in light of the SCC’s Douez decision, the impending legalization of marijuana, big data and more. Whether you are in-house or in private practice, don’t miss this program!

11:00 AM TO 1:00 PM


Immigration Law in a Modern Age:  Success Strategies from the Experts

Join your immigration law colleagues firstly, for a discussion on the evolution of your role as an immigration practitioner in Ontario, in the context of our globalized world.  Also, get up to speed on the latest immigration law developments including the OINP, LMIAs and C11, and gain practical strategies for advising your clients in light of the discussion in the first segment of the program.  


Education for All Students: Diversity and Inclusion in Education

How are school boards working to create an inclusive and diverse environment for all students? What does the Ministry of Education require, and what recourse do students have? Join us to explore the legal obligations and opportunities at this critical program.

2:30pm to 4:30pm


Neuroscience in ADR: Strategies for Responding to Neurological Reactions in Clients, Counsel and Yourself

Join our expert faculty to explore how the brain responds to stress, and what you can do to identify and mitigate any negative impact of these responses on the ADR process. Gather the knowledge you need to help you keep ADR processes on track, and enhance the likelihood of resolution.


How Expert Is Your Expert? The Use of Scientific Evidence in Child and Youth Law

Legal proceedings involving children and youth frequently involve dealing with scientific evidence and the scientists who present it. Explore the key lessons learned from recent inquiries, and gather helpful ideas on how practitioners can avoid the potential pitfalls that reliance on scientific evidence can lead to.


Covering the Tax Bases: Critical Developments in Tax Law

Join our expert speakers to explore: what the impact is of Canada signing the OECD Multilateral Instrument, the new voluntary disclosure program, recent case law developments in directors’ liability, and the new stop loss rule on straddle transactions. 

5:00pm to 7:00pm (EST) | 2:00pm to 4:00pm (PDT)

CBA BC-OBA Joint Program

Indigenous Legal Norms: Canadian Lawyering and Courage

No matter what area of law you practice in Canada, you are likely to work with Indigenous clients. To ensure proper communication with your clients, you must have an understanding of Indigenous legal traditions. Our profession can benefit from learning more about Indigenous traditions, courage and the future of this knowledge for professional and personal matters.


Public Sector Lawyer Open House

This casual, social evening is designed to offer you the opportunity to meet, reconnect and network with one another, and learn what others in public sector practice are up to. Our VIP guests, including an array of senior practitioners, will share insights learned along their diverse public sector career paths.


Feminism Revisited: Is the Revolution Over?

How has the role of feminist lawyers in society changed? Looking back on the accomplishments of the trail-blazer movement, what feminist causes remain for the next generation of feminist lawyers? Join us for a thought-provoking cross-generational discussion on what it means to a feminist in law in 2018.