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Wednesday, August 17, 2022 (Special Events)
Thursday, August 18 - 9:00 am to 4:00pm - Friday, August 19, 2022 - 9:00 am - 1:30 pm (Sessions / Special Events) | Location: 200-20 Toronto Street, Toronto ON 

It's never too late to start thinking about what you want out of your professional life, but the best time to do so is at the start of career. Gain valuable insight on some of the things you can do now to get your career moving in the direction you want it to go and find the success you envision.


Thursday, August 18, 2022 - Morning Events

Institute Chairs: Carissa Tanzola, Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP and Antoine Collins, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Feeling burned out? Feeling overwhelmed by life’s toughest stuff? There is a better way to effectively manage aspects of your work and life which can be causing unnecessary destructive stress and stealing your daily capacity. Shift your perception of all that’s happening around you, so that you can maximize productivity and bottom-line results, stop society’s destructive stress cycle, and promote your and your team’s mental and emotional well-being.

Allison Graham, Speaker, Author, Executive Consultant, Pragmatic Optimist


It’s never too late to start thinking about what you want out of your professional life but the best time to do so is at the start of career. Your legal path, like life, will not be straightforward and there will be forks in the road ahead. This session will provide you with food for thought on some of the things you can do now to get your career moving in the direction you want it to go and find the success you envision.

Anna Alizadeh, WeirFoulds LLP
Justine Johnston, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Richa Sandill, Don Valley Community Legal Services

Figuring out that ten second elevator speech or marketing yourself to prospective clients does not come naturally or easy to most of us. And yet, marketing and business development skills are critical in any competitive market including law. The panel will explore ways to create and build your brand from working that ‘virtual’ room to using social media properly and effectively to connect and promote yourself in a way that feels authentic to you.

Sunira Chaudhri, Workly Law
Manashee Gupta, Legal Counsel, Wealth, TD Bank Group
Tahir Khorasanee, Loopstra Nixon LLP
Mujir A. Muneeruddin, Abrahams LLP

Afternoon Events

Then pandemic has accelerated our daily use of technology. We have had to chart new ways of conducting both our professional and personal lives. Technology has proven to be our constant companion more so than ever. Electronic meeting invites and social media notifications compete for our attention throughout the day. How can you manage these distractions and minimize the impact of anxiety and stress caused by distracting technology? Understand the effects of multitasking on stress and hear advice on how to improve your concentration and be present and hear about the research that neuroscience has given us on the benefits of mindfulness.

Jonathan A. Hacohen, Kormans LLP
Marla Warner, RCC™ , Speaker, Consultant & Coach, For Health Workplace and Personal Solutions

We have all heard that the perfect articling or associate position comes down to the right fit. What does ‘fit’ really mean, what questions to ask in an interview; how will you know when you have found it and what to do if you are not sure?

Paula Price, Executive Coach & Founder, Uplevel Lawyer Coaching

Being made a partner doesn’t happen overnight nor becoming a judge or an adjudicator. This session will explore how to map out that career track to partner, a judge or adjudicator and arrive to your destination point.

The Honourable Emile R. Kruzick, Amicus Chambers, Mediator/Arbitrator, (Formerly on Superior Court of Justice)
Gregory Ko, Kastner Lam LLP
Noeline Paul, Condominium Authority Tribunal

Diversity not only builds a stronger and more inclusive legal profession, but it also improves client experiences with the legal system. And moreover, the Diversity of Neutrals can enhance the effectiveness of outcomes of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”). Join our panelists as they explore what Neutral Diversity means and how you can implement some of the recommendations in the OBA’s recent Report on Neutral Diversity. Listen to their career journey from litigators to mediators and what motivated them to embark on the dispute resolution path to career success and client satisfaction.

Afsana Gibson-Chowdhury, Q. Med., Gibson Chowdhury Clear Collaborative Mediation
Jennifer L. Egsgard, Lawyer & Mediator - Egsgard Mediation

Evening Special Events

Join your fellow delegates for an evening of good food and insightful conversations at one of these local restaurants.  Each restaurant has a reservation for 6 people so ensure that you sign up early so you don’t loose your spot! 

Disclaimer: All attendees are responsible for the cost of their meal


Friday, August 19, 2022 - Morning Program


It is no secret that the next generation of lawyers will be equipped with a set of competencies to meet the evolving societal and economy challenges of our 21st century. Hear what their anticipated impact on society and the legal profession of the future will be and explore what additional skills you should consider acquiring to stay current and relevant.

Dean Jula Hughes, PhD., Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University
Dean Donna Young, Lincoln Alexander School of Law, Toronto Metropolitan University

Lawyers from various sized firms and practice areas about why they love where they work and live.

North East: Susan T. McGrath, Barrister & Solicitor
North West: Garth O’Neill, O’Neill Associates
South West: Sebastian H. Schmoranz, McGregor, Sims, Schmoranz P.C.

Lawyers from various sized firms and practice areas about why they love where they work and live.

East: Michele Allinotte, Journey Law Professional Corporation
Central West: W. Joanne Horton, Horton & Horton
Central South: J. Ross McFarlane, Flett Beccario
Central East: Jason Schmidt, Schmidt Law Legal Services

The pathway to a fulfilling and happy career is a different journey for each of us. Often, what makes an exceptional lawyer is not our knowledge or our personality: it is the way we see, understand, and interact with the world. Gain strategies on how to produce meaningful and sustainable transformation in your personal and professional life. Our expert faculty will inspire and engage in thoughtful discussions about the forces that shape how we view the world, how we perform and how mindfulness can help you drive meaningful changes in your career.

Fabien Fourmanoit, Vice President, Legal, Xplornet Communications Inc.
Anthony Gordon, CEO, FiduSure Financial Inc.
Paula Vital, Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Therapist, Live the Present


While you are focused on leveling up – your family can focus on leveling down by relaxing and enjoying some fun local amusement. Check out our programs and have your families visit our Family room at Institute, we look forward to meeting you all!

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