OBA Innovator in Residence 2019-20

Legal Innovation zone

About the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ)

The Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) is a co-working space and the first legal tech incubator with a focus on building better legal solutions for the consumers of legal services. The LIZ helps support, foster and develop solutions and techniques to improve legal services and the justice system.

Entrepreneurs, lawyers, students, tech experts, government members and industry leaders converge in the Legal Innovation Zone to drive legal innovation. Based on the model of the DMZ — Canada’s #1 university-based incubator, where more than 150 startups have grown their businesses — we help support, foster and develop solutions and technologies that aim to improve the justice system and legal services.

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Focus of the 2019-20 Innovator 

The Ryerson Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) is the 2019-2020 OBA Innovator-in-Residence, powering the next chapter in the OBA’s ground breaking initiative to help lawyers put innovation into practice.

“Chris Bentley and his team at the LIZ have earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading legal innovation hubs. They were an obvious choice as this year’s Innovator-in-Residence to work with the OBA in delivering essential tools and services that are tailored to a full range of practice resources and levels of technological sophistication.”  

The LIZ will play a critical role in advancing OBA President Colin Stevenson's mandate of practice innovation founded on five distinct pillars of support – information services, testing, know-how, tools and advocacy – which positions every lawyer to keep pace with the speed of innovation.  

“Combining the breadth and depth of legal expertise and experience that the OBA's lawyers have with the global knowledge of innovative approaches and products the LIZ brings will ensure better legal solutions for consumers, both people and businesses,” said LIZ Managing Director Chris Bentley.