Spotlight - Founded

  • March 05, 2020

Founded is a legal automation and cloud minute book service often described as “QuickBooks for Law.” It is used by thousands of small business owners across Canada to get incorporated and manage routine legal needs.

Increasingly, Founded’s technology is being adopted by lawyers, ranging from solo practitioners to major Bay Street firms. The landscape for legal software is fairly disparate and lawyers themselves aren’t necessarily adept at navigating the features and benefits of each product. In order to make it easy for Canadian lawyers to use its technology, Founded needed to ensure its technology could work seamlessly with the software that lawyers had already implemented in their practices.  

Founded chose to integrate with Clio, a practice management platform used by 150,000 legal professionals in 100 different countries. This way, Founded could offer its incorporation and minute book services to lawyers using Clio without teaching them a brand new system.

When Founded and Clio are used in tandem, data and documents are synchronized. For example, minute book and incorporation documents, and any associated fees and disbursements, can be stored on both platforms. Anything that is changed or updated can be done in one place, and the other platform will immediately reflect that change.  

This simple integration drastically reduces the amount of time spent switching between platforms and applications. Integrating with Clio makes Founded more powerful and gives lawyers an additional reason to use Founded as their primary system for incorporating and managing companies.

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