Next Generation Digital Signatures

Legally valid digital signatures aren’t new. 

They’ve been around since the 1970’s and legally valid since the turn of century. 

But, still there are many legal documents that cannot be signed digitally. 

In part this a trust issue.  A problem that is being tackled by innovative companies such as Vaultie who are addressing this through the use of Blockchain to secure authenticity.  But, their remains the issue of understanding the emotional state of the individual signing the document. 

Rightly or wrongly, we trust our ability to judge someone’s capacity and emotional state when we are all in the same room.  But, how can you tell if someone is facing undue influence or duress if they sign a document outside of your presence? 

CHALLENGE: Here’s your challenge.  Use Vaultie’s API to build a solution that allows for commissioners and notaries to satisfy concerns around duress, capacity and other requirements that can be difficult to assess when not in the physical presence of an individual. 

BONUS: If your idea makes it through and is featured by the Financial Times, you’ll be invited to work with Ryerson University’s world renowned Legal Innovation Zone to refine your product. 

Vaultie API details to be available during week of April 27th.