Conseil québécois sur le tabac et la santé c. JTI-MacDonald Corp., 2012 QCCS 515

  • February 14, 2014

Date: 2012-02-14 Docket: 500-06-000076-980 Brian Riordan J.S.C. | Link

A really large and messy case that reinforces the idea that reasonable (rather than perfect) discovery is what's expected. "[28] The Court understands that, to date, tens of millions of pages of documents – and that is not a typographical error – have been exchanged among the parties in these files.  No human, or even team of humans, could ever read all of them, so it was ordered that all document communications in these files be done electronically, to allow for computer searches to identify the key pages.  Some will inevitably be missed.  It cannot be helped.  This is all that is reasonably possible."