NEW -Cholakis v. Cholakis, 2000 CanLII 20735 (MB QB)

  • January 11, 2000

Date: 2000-01-11. Docket: CI 95-01-92830. Monnin J. | Link

The court was asked to determine whether the computer disk with the accounting program and the accounting data that has been, or will be produced to the plaintiff in paper form, is producible. The court found “the electronic information requested falls within the definition of a document under the Rules and contains relevant information that should be produced. If the defendants […] wish to provide the information in a format that does not reveal irrelevant information, then it is incumbent upon them to develop a mechanism by which that can be done. The interests of broad disclosure in a modern context require, in my view, the production of the information in the electronic format when it is available.”