NEW - Ewing v. Ewing (No. 2), 1987 CanLII 4865 (SK CA).

  • May 29, 1987

Date: 1987-05-29. Docket: 9121. | Link

Appeals from a distribution order of matrimonial property. The court awards the appellant reasonable solicitor and client costs of both appeals because “[t]hese appeals were spawned by the respondent’s failure to make full and frank disclosure of her assets and also the assets she held in trust for the benefit of the two infant children. The respondent clearly mislead the trial court on material matters. In our oral reasons of February 10, 1987, we emphasized the duty to make proper disclosure. All members of the court had difficulty in understanding the respondent’s resistance to putting the record straight even before this court. The position taken at trial and initially before this court is no less surprising when one considers that the respondent is a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan - a person on whose integrity the court is accustomed to rely even when personally involved in litigation. When the question arose at trial the respondent should have immediately taken steps to set the record straight”.