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Gouvernement provincial

Education in Ontario

  • 17 décembre 2018

The OBA responds to the government’s consultation on Education in Ontario, focusing on proposed changes to the Physical and Health Education Curriculum, and a proposed Parents' Bill of Rights.

Droit constitutionnel, libertés civiles et droits de la personne, Droit relatif à l’éducation, Orientation et identité sexuelles

Barreau du Haut-Canada

Contingency Fee Reforms Consultation, Winter 2018

  • 23 mars 2018

The OBA provides comments to the Law Society of Ontario in response to a Call for Comment on Contingency Fee Reform in February 2018.

Litige civil, Droit des assurances

Gouvernement provincial

Limited Partnerships Act

  • 14 mars 2018

The Ontario Bar Association has prepared recommendations to implement reforms to the Limited Partnerships Act, necessary to modernize limited partnership law in the Province and assist in not losing business in this area to other jurisdictions.

Droit des affaires