Online Case Search Tool

Online Case Search Tool

Is there any way the SCJ database could be updated remotely by court staff and accessed by lawyers for litigation searches conducted in the context of pending transactions during the current operations closure?

On August 17, 2020, the ministry launched an online tool for searching court cases (“search tool”). The search tool provides members of the public with the ability to conduct province-wide searches of Ontario Superior Court of Justice civil court case information. Searches may be conducted by case type (civil or criminal) and either the name of one of the parties or the case number.

The search tool can be used to search for the following information:

  • Court case title;
  • Name of the lawyer representing the person or company;
  • Claim amount;
  • Date the case was opened;
  • Most recent order type and date;
  • Next appearance type and date, if a future appearance has been scheduled; and
  • Whether the case is subject to a publication ban.

Please note that the search tool does not provide information about cases that are subject to statutory, common law or court-ordered public access restrictions. Users are required to set up a ONe-Key account to access the search tool, but there is no associated fee. For further information, please visit: