AMS/John Hodgson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not-for-Profit Law

2024 Award Recipient

David van der WoerdDavid van der Woerd
Ross & McBride LLP

The OBA’s Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Section is pleased to announce David van der Woerd as the recipient of the 2024 OBA AMS/John Hodgson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not-for-Profit Law.

David van der Woerd will be honoured at a luncheon on June 27, 2024 at OBA Conference Centre in Toronto.

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About the Award

OBA in conjunction with Associated Medical Services Incorporated (AMS) created the AMS/John Hodgson Award to recognize John Hodgson's long standing contribution to AMS and the charitable community. This Award recognizes exceptional contribution and/or achievement by members of OBA in the following areas:

  • development of the law, which is integral to the governance and accountability in the voluntary sector;
  • enhancement of the practice of law in the charity arena;
  • and leadership and service in the charitable sector, Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Section, government, Law Society of Ontario and OBA, exemplifying individual lawyers and legal advisors to the voluntary sector.


Any individual who is a member of the OBA in good standing. (Not including current members of the executive committee.)


The award will be presented by the Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Section on Thursday, June 27, 2024. Please bookmark on your calendar and stay tuned.

Nomination Procedure

Any member of the OBA in good standing is eligible to nominate a candidate by submission in writing, together with curriculum vitae outlining the nominee's qualifications. Other letters of support are permitted and encouraged, maximum two documents. The Executive Committee has approved a Nominations Committee to provide recommendations. The Nominator must indicate that the candidate has been advised of the nomination prior to the nomination deadline and consents to the nomination or explain why this is not the case.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee shall consider OBA policies, rules and guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion when selecting the winner of the Award.


A special plaque will be presented to the recipient.

Additional Information

Janet Green
OBA Section Executive Liaison
Ontario Bar Association
300-20 Toronto Street
Toronto ON M5C 2B8
Tel: (416) 869-1047 ext 312 (Toll Free 1-800-668-8900)


Past Recipients

Past recipient winners of the OBA Award of Excellence in Charity and Not-for-Profit Law AMS/John Hodgson Award include:

  • 2022 - Theresa L.M. Man
  • 2020- Linda Godel
  • 2018 - Gilles LeVasseur
  • 2016 - Brian Iler
  • 2014Hugh M. Kelly, K.C.
  • 2012 - Clifford Goldfarb, Toronto
  • 2011 - Jane Burke-Robertson - Ottawa
  • 2010 - Susan M. Manwaring, Toronto
  • 2009 - William Pashby, Toronto
  • 2008 - Donald J. Bourgeois, Kitchener
  • 2007 - Kenneth R. Goodman, Toronto
  • 2006 - James M. Parks, Toronto
  • 2005 - David P. Stevens, Toronto
  • 2004 - Dianne E. Lister, Toronto (Now in Peterborough)
  • 2003 - Marnie Whitaker, Toronto
  • 2002 - Terry Carter, Orangeville
  • 2001 - Arthur Drache, K.C., Ottawa
  • 2000 - John Hamilton, Toronto
  • 1998 - Wolfe D. Goodman, K.C., Toronto
  • 1997 - John Hodgson, K.C., Toronto