How to make a virtual holiday party memorable

How to make a virtual holiday party memorable


The office holiday party may be different this year but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun and engaging. As with any event, in-person or virtual, the key is in planning the holiday party so it doesn’t feel like a regular video meeting. Zoom fatigue is very real and it’s important to come up with a virtual gathering that strengthens camaraderie and boosts morale amongst colleagues. Here are some tips to help make your virtual party a hit with your colleagues:

Save-the-Date Early

Give your colleagues enough notice and book the virtual holiday party date in advance.  Many are juggling a lot right now already. Be mindful of those who are caregivers to younger children and/or older parents. It is important to be cognizant of everyone’s schedules.

Dress for Success

Encourage your co-workers to dress up for the celebration. Whether you choose to host a virtual ugly sweater party or a festive decade theme, everyone should be encouraged to dress for the occasion, even if it is just from the waist up. Feel free to give out a prize for the best dressed.

Swag Bag Delivery

For those who have a bit of a budget set aside for their holiday party, a nice idea is to send your co-workers some choice party-themed items or small gift box ahead of time. These items don’t have to break the bank. Some suggestions include items like a catered lunch delivery, personalized mugs for a group toast or fun costume pieces for a virtual photobooth. This gift not only makes employees feel appreciated, it also assists in making the party fun and engaging.

Make it Interactive

Most people at virtual parties socialize less than they would at an in-person event. Put your virtual guests at ease by planning team-building holiday themed games. Some examples of games that translate well to the online experience are Charades, Pictionary and Bingo. For example, use your swag bag to send your colleagues gingerbread house kits ahead of time and use the time online during the holiday party to build and decorate them. This is also a great way to get employees families involved in the virtual holiday fun.

The holiday party is a great break from the monotony of the typical workday, whether staff are in the office or are working from home. You can easily make your team feel appreciated if you put some thought into a fun activity you can all do together - virtually. It may take some extra planning but making everyone feel connected and appreciated is worth the effort.

If you’re still unsure about how to proceed with planning a virtual holiday party or are looking for a full-service virtual meeting platform, please contact Erinn Young, Conference and Event Services Manager, OBA Conference Centre.