Dear Members,

During this difficult time, we have been providing special services to lawyers in four key areas.

  1. Practice Innovation Services
  2. Wellness
  3. Up-to-date Justice Sector Information
  4. Outreach for real-time solutions

These supports will continue in the weeks to come but we are adding new services as we look forward to reopening our doors and rebounding.

Introducing OBA Reopening and Recovery Services

Recovery PD – focussed on issues that will arise for you and your clients as employees return and business resumes

Up-to-date practical information on reopening protocols and best practices from across Canada and around the world

Wellness services focussed on mental health aspects of returning to work in what will be a new normal

Modernization and Innovation – advocacy, information, tools and assistance for members and justice sector partners for sustained modernization

Recovery PD

We will provide a series of special programs related to recovery and reopening – issues you will encounter in your offices and issues you will tackle for your clients.

View Recovery PD Programs

Up-to-date Information for Law Firm and Office Reopening

As you begin to think about how you will set up your office space to adapt to a new normal, the OBA has developed some template signs for you to print and post as needed. Download the signs here.

As a national organization with an international presence, the CBA is able to provide you with the benefit of experiences and best practices from across Canada and around the world to assist you in reopening your offices, reintegrating staff and welcoming clients back safely. We have assembled a group of bar associations from around the world for timely sharing of best practice and experiences on issues of reopening and recovery. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong and various U.S. jurisdictions are participating. Through regular meetings and an international information-update portal, we get timely information about what is happening in these jurisdictions and are passing it on to you as we get it.

The OBA has developed a one-stop office re-opening checklist for members with considerations, lessons, tips, and tools sourced from the latest government directives as well as law firms and law societies from around the world. Download the checklist here.

The CBA has also prepared some general guidelines and considerations for law firms to think about as they start to plan their return to their offices.

Sustained Modernization and Practice Feasibility

  1. During the crisis, we have worked with the Courts, government and others to provide assistance with e-hearing and other technology as well as to advocate for solutions to issues that were arising for the bar. We will continue that advocacy and assistance to keep the crisis-driven modernization momentum going – to streamline procedures and modernize the delivery of justice in Ontario
  2. Our Guide to Remote Work was popular with members throughout the crisis and we will be continuing to provide practical one-stop guides to using technology and other system improvements to modernize and economize.

OBA is Here to Help

If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know at or view our Quick Guide to OBA Member Special Services.