Resources for Lawyer Parents

The OBA is committed to serving the whole lawyer from their desk to their doorstep – including parents who balance a busy career with a busy home life. This balancing act has become even more difficult in recent weeks as parents struggle to balance new routines, find activities to engage their children, and keep pace with their own professional lives.

PPE Suppliers

While the OBA is not able to endorse or reccomend any PPE supplier, we have compiled the below list of sites that have been selling PPE supplies that may be of interest to parents.  Please note that supply fluctuates, so you may need to check back regularly to purchase high demand products.


CanadaMasq manufactures and sells N95 masks for both children and adults.

URL: sells a variety of PPE products including N95 masks for children.

Virtual Programming

The OBA has sourced a comprehensive list of virtual programs and activities (both free and paid) for children and their busy parents.