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  • December 02, 2020

MAG Guidebook COVID-19: Recommended Precautionary Measures for Resuming Court Operations – Version 5

MAG has provided an updated Guidebook for Recommended Precautionary Measures for Resuming Court Operations. The Guidebook is available on, in both English and French, and can be accessed here: English and  French.

The key changes in Version 5 of the Guidebook include:

Face Coverings (page 16)

  • To align ministry face covering and PPE policy with updated Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) guidance.

Collection of Contact Information (page 27)

  • Entrance personnel will ask individuals attending a courthouse to volunteer their name and contact information upon entry.

Jury Events (page 35)

  • Additional information about jury recovery has been provided including an overview of the Jury Management Manual.

Accessibility Review (throughout)

  • The ministry’s Diversity Inclusion and Accessibility Office (DIAO) has reviewed the document to ensure information is provided regarding how the ministry has maintained its commitment to accessibility throughout recovery. 

MAG Notice Regarding Changes to Family Law Rules

The Ministry of the Attorney General has issued a Notice to the Profession regarding changes to the Family Law Rules with respect to court forms. The following changes will take effect on September 1, 2020:

  • Form 15: Motions to Change has been amended.
  • Form 15B: Response to Motion to Change has been amended.
  • Form 15A: Change Information Form has been revoked.

The Court will continue to accept old versions of Forms 15 and 15B during a brief grace period until December 1, 2020.

MAG's SCJ Case Search Tool

The Ministry of the Attorney General’s online tool for searching information about criminal and civil matters in the Superior Court of Justice is now available here.

Guidance on Filing Materials

MAG provided guidance on filing material, including the hours of operation at court counters starting Monday. Electronic filing, as outlined in the notice, continues to be strongly encouraged. 

Courthouse Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

MAG HVAC Update (July 14) | MAG Reoccupancy Letter (July 3) | MAG Response to scientific and technical request (June 30)

Employee Handbook

This additional resource has been created with our staff in mind to provide information and guidance in preparation for the resumption of in-person court operations.

Court Entrance Screening Tool

As many of you will know, we have identified a COVID-19 screening tool which all persons who enter a courthouse, including staff and judiciary, will need to complete. This protocol was implemented following a recommendation made in the site assessments and is in alignment with guidance provided by Public Health Ontario. The screening tool will be available for completion online, in paper-based format, and verbally where required. 

Individuals who need to attend court can complete the screening assessment:

  • In advance of arriving at court by following this URL link (which will be live on July 6, 2020), and by completing the questionnaire (recommended method). The appropriate links are provided below:
  • Upon arriving at the courthouse, by using their mobile device to scan a Quick Response Code (QR-Code) which will lead people to complete the questionnaire.
  • At the courthouse, completing a paper-based or verbal screening, if required.

All courthouse visitors will be required to complete this screening process and confirm their results with designated screening personnel as they enter the courthouse. Individuals who are deemed inadmissible through the screening will be redirected to alternative processes. Individuals should keep their result handy for the day, to facilitate exit and re-entry to the courthouse without having to complete the questionnaire multiple times. While an individual’s answers to the screening questions will inform the result, the screening tool does not retain any personal information.