Orlando Da Silva, LSM new president of Ontario Bar Association

  • August 21, 2014

Orlando Da SilvaOrlando Da Silva, LSM has taken office as the new president of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) for a one-year term.

Da Silva, a counsel in the Crown Law Office – Civil of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, was previously the OBA’s first vice-president.

Under the OBA’s governance structure, the second vice-president is elected and then successively becomes first vice-president and then president.

Ed Upenieks, partner at Brampton law firm Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP, has become first vice-president of the Ontario Bar Association. He will become president in 2015.

David Sterns, partner at the Toronto law firm Sotos LLP, has become second vice-president of the Ontario Bar Association. He will become first vice-president next year and president in 2016.

The OBA, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, is the voice of the legal profession in Ontario, representing about 16,000 lawyers, judges, law professors and law students throughout the province.

2014-15 Board of Directors


Orlando Da Silva, LSM

1st Vice-President

Edwin G. Upenieks

2nd Vice-President

David Sterns


Quinn M. Ross


Lynne Vicars

Immediate  Past President

Pascale Daigneault

Executive Director & Counsel

Steve Pengelly

Chair, Professional Development

Robert M.G. Shawyer

Director-at-Large - East

Lillian Camilleri

Director-at-Large - Southwest

Dawn M. Melville

Director-at-Large - Central West

Jeffrey S. Percival

Director-at-Large - Central East

David A. Morin

Director-at-Large - Northeast

Annalisa S. Rasaiah

Director-at-Large - Toronto

C. Michael J. Kealy

Director-at-Large - Northwest

Frederick J.W. Bickford

Director-at-Large  - Central South

Eric C. Nanayakkara

Chair,  Young Lawyers' Div. - East

Valerie M.J. Westwick

Chair,  Young Lawyers' Div. - Southwest

Emily C. Assini

Co-Chair,  Young Lawyers' Div. - Central

Christine A. Jackson

Co-Chair,  Young Lawyers' Div. - Central

Vivene  Salmon

Chair,  Student Division

Elana Anzel-Sivkin